Carla Bruni is back with a new album after a seven-year hiatus. The singer-songwriter and former first lady of France returns with an eponymous easy-listening record that was partially made during lockdown. While nine of the songs were written when Bruni (pictured) was in quarantine, she says that her goal was to distract from our daily challenges, making this charming album a perfect listen for those seeking escapism. “The mood of the album is about love, desire and sensuality. The songs are almost out of time somehow,” she tells Monocle. This spirit is reflected in the first single, the mellow and light-hearted Quelque Chose (Something). But Bruni also has some teasing words of love for her husband Nicolas Sarkozy: she says that the track Le Garçon Triste (The Sad Boy) was inspired by the former French president.

Credit: The Monocle Minute

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