This week on euphoria, we have enjoyed adding new music to our database.

Starting with Madeleine Peyroux’s single “American” which coincides with the presidential elections in the U.S. American is a song Madeleine produced to urge people vote. In the refrain, Peyroux asks the listeners what does it mean to be American? She has also floated this question across all social media to remind people how great America is and urge them to play their role by voting in these elections.

Another album has been released by Norah Jones… “Pick Me Up Off The Floor” is Norah’s 7th studio album and is the return of what made Jones so popular in the beginning, with most of the songs leaning towards lounge-jazz composition, with a smattering of stormier blues thrown in.

Last but not least is Katie Melua’s latest album “Album No.8” which was officially released this week. Only two British female artists have reached the top 10 in U.K. album charts seven consecutive times. There’s Kate Bush, and then there’s Katie Melua, whose catalog has been certified 56-times-platinum around the world but remains a relative unknown in the United States. And on Album No. 8, Melua continues her streak of intricately told stories set atop sophisticated and nuanced compositions by producer and collaborator Leo Abrahams.

Enjoy all this music and more on euphoria

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