More than 1.2bn Swiss francs (€1.1bn) and six years of building have yielded The Circle, a vast retail, medical and business park that opened this week next to Zürich Airport. The investors, Swiss Life and Flughafen AG, will initially face an uphill battle to attract visitors due to the current lack of air travel, yet its mixed-use nature and a business model built for the long term should help it to succeed. Global names such as Microsoft are already planning to move their Swiss headquarters here and some 80 per cent of the office space is currently leased. Philippe Peress, who operates The Spaces, a Zürich co-working project, says that a strong tenant mix “creates an ecosystem that companies want to be part of”. He remains convinced that the venue’s conference centre will become the “pre-eminent centre for conventions in all Europe”.

Credit: The Monocle Minute

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